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Today will be dedicated to my no 1 sexual bucket list being fulfilled - pegging


Well we did it, my wife finally fucked me with the strap on we got last month

I have experienced my first pegging session and can tick it off my sexual bucket list

The anticipation and the agony of the wait over the last month had really built up and when she finally said she was ready I almost didn’t know what to do!

Putting on the strap on and finding the right position was a little bit clumsy to begin with but once she got going it felt like nothing I’ve felt before.

I always like to make my wife cum but sometimes she just says don’t worry about me, I’m not going to cum but it feels amazing. I now know exactly what she means. With every thrust of the strap on she hit my g spot and rubbed my perineum and it just sent tingles over my body

She’d already cum from some earlier pussy eating but commented how she could feel how she could cum from the action and the vibrations which makes me look forward to the next time even more, and there will definitely be a next time!

The small dildo in the Bend over beginner kit was great as a starter, she could thrust as hard as she wanted and there was not fear, it gave me pleasure but I’m already looking forward to moving up to the bigger dildo.

Next time we will try some alternative positions to just me on my back and hopefully her cuming while she’s fucking me ;)

I’d recommend anyone thinking of giving it a go to just get on and do it!



Chastity Slaves Torment Video
MistressT love to see her darling chastity bitch suffer, she tease him in his chastity device with the key dangling around her neck. He will watch MistressT play with her lovers huge cock while verbally degrading him and getting fucked nice and hard by him … her lovers balls slapping his face while you lapped up my pussy juices. His huge cock explode all over her chest and your precious chastity key. She laugh at her chastity bitch sucking that superior cum off of her key and clean her chest.

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I love it when you serve my pussy after I’ve been with him.


I love it when you serve my pussy after I’ve been with him.